Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tonight after dinner Friendly fell and scraped her knee. You'd think almost 2 years into having her around, we'd be used to how different our kids are! They're different people, it's just the reality. But it always surprises and refreshes (and yes, bewilders) us to see how unique they both are.

Anyway, Friendly fell, fussed for a second and popped back up and kept playing. Every time she does this, or gets hurt we hold our breath. Roo has conditioned us to dread "ouchies". She doesn't handle pain very well, at least at this point in her life. Any small injury is met with at least 15 minutes of crying bloody murder. We've adapted a cool "oh you're alright" kind of attitude about it, but if any one [who isn't aware of the "Roo etiquette of injuries"] gasps or makes a "ah oh no!" when she's falling she gets so scared that it makes the whole thing so much worse.  More often than not she is weepy for the next several hours. Randomly erupting into a fresh set of tears processing the pain in her...wherever. She is an extremely sensitive little soul, we love that about her. Really we do! We may have to deal with long drawn out water works over a scraped knee...But we also get to enjoy some one who is very in tune with other people's feelings. A little person who really cares about relationships and how people feel.

Anyway, that was what we were used to. This "ooh my leg's bleeding, ah well off to play some more" business of Friendly's still takes us by surprise.

But the pain did come back to bother her later, it always does! At bedtime Friendly was fussing about her knee so I put on a band aide on it after bath. As I was securing the bandage on her knee Roo was sitting next to her little sister talking to her and helping her stay calm through the whole ordeal.

"It's okay Friendly, you'll be all right. Mommie's going to put the band aide on it, and it will heal. Jesus will make it all better. But it will hurt a lot for a few days..""

So much for sensitivity! :0D Well she was being honest...right?

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