Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter...THE EGGS. 2011

Easter this year... Well it was a lot of fun! We've never bothered dyeing eggs or any thing because it just seemed like a giant mess waiting to happen. I'm so glad we did it this year...Even though I was nervous about Friendly drinking the dye (and she gets wild when she has food coloring, I can't imagine what she'd be like if she DRANK IT!), of just in general staining every thing in sight. But it went really well and the girls had a blast! A very happy memory indeed!
waiting patiently for Daddy to have the dye ready.
Friendly was SO into it, she would just dump and egg in any cup, even if it wasn't available  yet! We got some really pretty eggs because of her exuberance!

drying waiting for faces...

The girls were so excited to start the faces...

They picked out every single faces...We added a few noses for them when they asked...Roo put on every single one of her faces all by herself. And Friendly tried a few, but mostly told Daddy where to stick them. We had some happy Easter eggs!

Friendly and Daddy. More to come!

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