Friday, April 29, 2011

Other Happenings From April

This has been a strange month. I think it was the rain, it rained and rained and rained and rained. And It was also a month we were all sick most of it. The end of the March I caught a cold... It went away in a few days and then (I thought) I caught another cold...I suffered for a week before heading into the doctor to get antibiotics for a sinus infection. sigh.

Then when I was finally getting better the girls caught a nasty head cold, which turned into a chest cold... We've all been sick this looong rainy month.  The girls are still coughing a bit, but thankfully doing much better

The girls (a few days before their long sick spell) got to meet their (second cousin once removed ha!) baby K She's adorable!

We were "helping" my Nana move houses... Friendly thought arranging these papers "just so" would be the right thing to do. It was really cute watching her lay them out so meticulously.

they were exhausted after the busy morning!

Friendly sticks things in her shirt...She stuck 6 or 7 blocks in her shirt and refused to let them be used for building towers...The rode around in there for a good 30 minutes.

BUSTED! Ah the joys of having a climber! She's learned to drag things around to get up where she's not supposed to. It's taken baby-proofing to a whole new level... And the mess she makes even more so!

This pigeon sat on our balcony railing for over 30 minutes! Roo got out her bird watching gear to keep and eye on him

Every few minutes she'd update me on what the bird was doing...It was kind of comical to hear her try to come up with new ways to inform me that he was still sitting there. Mostly in her tone, it was cute!
Perhaps you remember Roo's beloved "Elephant Pajamas" it was great reluctance and not a little grief when she realized it was too warm to wear them all day long, all night long, all the time. We got her some "summer pajamas", she really likes them. But they don't hold quite the same magic for her. At least she's dressed!

This is my favorite swinging picture ever... Friendly wasn't feeling that well and didn't want to be pushed very high, but Roo couldn't get enough.

Smiling but having a tired cranky day.
Friendly all ready for bed. She really really likes to read to me before she goes to bed for the night.

picking out another book. 

. And with that, I close... To come soon, Our trip to the bluebell field and EASTER!

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