Saturday, May 7, 2011

Outside....Playgrounds and Bikes

 Roo has recently really figured out the pedaling deal on her tricycle. She could do it last summer, but it was more work than fun...This summer she's caught the bike bug and would live on that thing if we let her! Riding her bike is seriously her very most favorite thing to do right now.

On her mile loop, "riding on the donkey" she said it's a donkey when she holds onto the streamers.
She rode her little trike 1 mile around the 1.25 mile loop at the park last week! I was floored when she just kept going. I'm definitely glad she made it that far, because it got a bit exhausting that last .25 miles pushing her in the push car, carrying the trike (it folds up) in one hand and wearing Amity on my back. Definitely got a good bit of exercise in!

This little push car has gotten SO much use! Some one was going to throw it away at our apartment complex....We took it home, cleaned it off and it's been WONDERFUL! It's so much fun for the girls to take turns riding in it on our walks around our neighborhood.

Riding in our "driveway"
Friendly loves her baby stroller, she pushed that thing all over the place the other day.
Some one got really tired after pushing baby around (she insisted baby be buckled in with her)

Our new neighborhood is AWESOME! We live near TWO playgrounds within close walking distance (and another two with in 2 miles of our house). Our complex also backs on two very quiet neighborhoods (we see maybe one car in 30 minutes of circling around during the day!) It is SO wonderful being able to take the girls on walks, or end my runs at the play ground.
Friendly playing the "I seeeeee you game" at the local play ground
Friendly in a nutshell
Friendly taking a turn on a walk around our neighborhood.  she insists on "balance" ing on the curb, she goes SOOOOO slowly, but she stays on!!! Only ocassionally stepping off into the grass. She truly is amazing.

The girls watching the malards.

More to come!

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