Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I LoVe...

This post uses real names, but it's too cute to resist. We have a song hubby wrote for the girls last year...

It goes

How I love, how I love I love, How I love my _________Joy. She's so cute and so precious to me! How I love my _________ Jooooy!"

Friendly has started singing it almost constantly, she loves to sing about Roo...About "Mommmie Joy"...About "Daddy Joy". She loves to SING.

And this is the other singing one...It is incredible! For the last month she's not been napping or sleeping well, she's been extremely frustrated and cranky: BAM this past week she's started speaking 4 or 5 new words a DAY! Verbal explosion, incredible.

In this video when the timer goes off she says she's scared of the timer... A lot of what she says isn't very intelligible, but she's really trying, it's cute. Oh and when she says at the end of the one song "alligot" she's saying "that's all I got" when she's done singing. :0D

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