Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011

Easter Sunday morning was beautiful! It had poured a lot the week before (and the day before)- But Easter was was sunshiney and WARM..Hot an muggy actually.
These little Easter Bunnies were waiting for the girls to wake up the next morning. The Bunny on the left has a twin...But he couldn't make the appointment because Roo was snuggling with him all night. The Bunny on the right was from Roo's very first Easter, he's Floppy.

The girls shared and Easter basket this year... They got a bubble bucket, some Easter Eggs, and some sidewalk chalk (plus 2 bunnies from Grandma and Grandad and some goodies and gifts from Nana)

Friendly LOVES shoes. She was so excited to wear her Easter shoes she put them on first thing in the morning (while "helping" Daddy make the coffee cake)

Easter Breakfast: Easter Eggs and GF coffee cake, yuuuummy!
The Easter Dresses!

Roo had been looking forward to these Easter dresses for MONTHS. She loves to dress up and she was really excited about NEW dresses. We were doubly blessed this year with TWO sets of Easter dresses from proud grandparents.  I want to take their pictures in a nicer setting with both dresses soon... Hopefully we'll have a sunny day with out plans soon!
 I was blown away that they actually would pose for me! Roo just kept saying "take another Mommie", and so I did. And as Friendly follows the lead in almost every thing Roo does, she stood there and posed too!
Easter dresses from Nana.



It's just such a rare thing for them to snuggle (and pose!) like that! They have recently started playing this game they named "minga minga" where they run at each other and hug each other until they fall down in a heap on the floor...They continue to do this until a) some one gets hurt b) we pull them apart because we're afaraid some one is going to lose air supply. They will do this happily until some one truly does get hurt or we tell them they have to stop before some one does! I have a few videos of them playing "minga minga" (Friendly named it that??)

Anyway... Easter day was kind of strange, the girls had been really sick with the colds, it was hot and muggy and a storm was brewing in the late afternoon, and every one was just tired. We went to church as a family, home for naps, and then to spend an hour or two with my family for lunch.  But the whole day didn't have the wonderful celebratory feel Easter usually carries. The PRAISE JESUS! VICTORY! HE'S ALIVE! kind of buzzIt was just another day of reality . Reality that is living with 2 small sick-ish people, who were both kind of off their game and cranky. 

But  thankfully those circumstances can't change what Christ did for us. What we have because of His gift to us. Relationship. Freedom. Peace. and Hope. 

So even though our Easter will probably  always be remembered as "the one where we were all just plain cranky", its a very good reminder that, Grace is amazing. 

And I'm so thankful that never changes.

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