Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent quotes...delightfully 3.

Roo really wants to ride a roller coaster. We live pretty close to a fairly large amusement park, we pass it regularly when we go to visit Nana. Every time Roo asks to ride on the roller coasters "some day". We're not really amusement park kind of people. We love family trips to the swimming pool, camping, long walks in the park, trips to the beach...But paying $100+ bucks to spend the day waiting in line for hours on end (often in sweltering temps), for a 10 minute ride? No thanks.

But the Fair is coming to town in September. . And they have little roller coasters for little people like Friendly and Roo. Every time we pass the amusement park I remind them that they can ride the coasters at the Fair "in September".

Thursday we were driving and Roo announced that she didn't want to ride a "little coaster" at the fair. "I wanna ride a BIG one!!" I (don't know what I was thinking) tried to explain that she had to be 4ft9inches to ride on the big coasters.

Always logical Roo piped back, "But my feet are FINE!! Look how big they are! They really big kid feet."

She got me there.
One day a week or two ago Roo realized she had outgrown her brown play boots. She tried unsuccessfully for 10-15 minutes to cram her feet into them. It wasn't happening. She was so sad to realize she had grown too big. She asked that we go to the store and get her new boots. I told her in the Autumn we'd see about getting her new brown play boots. We were home with Ryan's car (that didn't have the carseats installed in it) and that was the excuse I gave for not going out that morning to find her boots (I find we need to have good logical excuses with Roo). Always the problem solver, Roo came out of the bedroom a few minutes later and said, "Mommie, it's okay that we don't have car seats in Daddy's car... Friendly and I can sit in the back seats. See, we're big enough because my arms are REALLY long."

I can't say I understand her logic there.

Roo is a very logical person. And she is a problem solver. Every thing is "because" she always has a reason for things being a good idea. And she really comes up with some shockingly good solutions.

The other day in the car we had been talking about some options about what we would do that morning. After discussing it for a while we all agreed on what order we'd do things. Roo said from the back seat, "Thanks so much for giving me good choices Mommie."

3 has been a very challenging age so far. But the little thoughts she articulates... So precious.

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