Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ziggy's fun, and it's a little silly, like all our other waiting-for-baby-nicknames. Roo was Lampshade, Friendly was Goobie/Goober, and Pip was Newby...And now Ziggy.

Ziggy comes from the name Siegfried which means "Victorious Peace". Siegfried also happens to be one of my favorite literary characters of all time (think, James Herriot).

Anyway, Victorious Peace has definitely been a theme of this pregnancy...Just learning to go with the flow, hold onto peace, even when it's a bit of a battle to do that!

We had the big ultrasound today, after having a few friends have babies with unexpected health concerns we felt quite strongly about being sure every thing was really well checked out.

As far as science can say, Ziggy is perfect.We concur, isn't he beautiful?

Yes, HE! Pip was very much right when she made this picture of our family...
 It definitely is, a baby brudder!

 We were really content with our 3 girls, I've said it many times..."I never knew three could feel so complete."

Four feels fantastic too. Our bonus baby, boy. We feel so very very blessed. We can't wait for September!

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