Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter 2014

Easter this year... The younger two got some strange (thankfully) short lived virus that involved a high fever, and ended with an ear infection for Pip and a doctor trip because she was inconsolable.

We had some of my Mom's family over in the afternoon and I'm really trying to remember much of the day. I was quite sleep deprived from 3 rough nights with a sickie little Pip.

Sunday morning Pip and I stayed home from church and took a walk,
This is actually from the next weekend but I didn't take a picture of our Easter walk...She loves to take walks and talk, it's one of her most frequent requests in life!

then there was some cleaning...Lots of visiting with family....An Easter Egg hunt...And an afternoon crash.

The day before we dyed Easter Eggs...

 All of the kids are sensitive to food dyes. We don't eat any thing with food dye in it, and haven't for a few years. Red Dye 40 is like ...No words describe what it does to my children. So we avoid all dyes..And haven't felt safe enough to allow Easter egg dye because of how messy it is (and your skin is an organ of your body, getting dye on your skin is almost as bad as eating it!). This year we chanced it and they all did great!
Aren't they pretty? Next year we'll use a different kind of dye, this kind was a little too hard core and soaked through the egg shells!
The easter egg hunt was fun! It was funny to watch how intense and FAST the kids aged 4+ were

Roo hunting!

Pip Hunting

Friendly off to hunt!

It was a great Easter...And after the company went home...

We crashed. Ryan napped, Pip and I snuggled. :D

I don't think I got a picture of the Easter Baskets or of them opening them. My Mom might have taken some...
Oh here are a few from breakfast that morning...We had Donuts, OJ, and Berries with Easter Eggs
So 7! <3

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