Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring...It's a Real Thing!

Well, spring took it's sweet time trickling in, but we're finally getting to really enjoy it!
We took a few damp and chilly walks...

Battled a few spring colds...
Pippy fighting an ear infection: a lot of cuddles!

A lot of falling asleep on Mommy because she, "didn't need a nap."
 the end of March and early April have been full of sniffles and snuggles for sure...
And parties when the sweet baby finally falls asleep!

But there has also been tons of this...Our "field trip" to the "Fish Factory" (AKA the Hatchery, thank you Pip!)

 Swings and slides!
 Science Center!!!
 And getting the yard ready for spring!! We built our bean teepee and the kids have been picnicking in it every chance they get!
 And our favorite, the Rose Garden..Always in for a good show there!

And lot of this with colds and fevers happening...

Netflix had new episodes of Rescue Bots, so exciting!!!
And this little girl...

 Pretty much any time I am sitting or resting she is snuggled up right next to me. She knows her days as "the baby" are numbered and she has been soaking up Mommy Time for all it's worth. Pretty much every hour of every day is a potential "Mommy Date" and she is taking all she can get. I can't say I mind!! :D

Because Ziggy (baby's nickname) is growing...

17............................18..............and.................19 weeks.
We're 20 weeks through- half way (hopefully!) there! Every thing seems fine. Feeling lots of pops and kicks and he seems to love any time music comes on, he wakes right up and starts playing. He Also seems to respond when it's been quiet an one of big sisters starts talking to me. I don't feel as much movement as I did with some of the others, I think I have an anterior placenta again and the movements feel very different than the other times (even Pip- who I also had an anterior placenta with). 

It still hasn't sunk in that all these changes are really coming. After being out of baby mode for longer than the other times, it feels a bit strange. I do like that our spacing will end up being 1.5 years between Roo and Friendly, 2.5 years between Friendly and Pip, and 3.5 years between Pip and Ziggy. We couldn't have planned that if we tried, but I like nice tidy sequences like that. :D

We have our "big" ultrasound this week. Checking all the parts, making sure Ziggy is growing well, and confirming gender! We are pretty sure we saw "boy parts" at the 15 week scan, it very much looked like it. Prayers that everything goes well with the anatomy scan and that Ziggy is healthy and well would be appreciated!
 So far this has been my easiest pregnancy, except for a few weeks of "uuuuugh", I have felt pretty good. But the more babies we have the more I worry about them. I am so thankful for our 3 healthy children so far and I just can't wait to hold this one in my arms and know he's here safe and sound too!

Next Post EASTER!!

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