Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a little PIP!!!

The Pip Squeak is changing fast! It never gets old, watching baby turn into a toddler.

It melts me.

Some new things she is doing the last few days...

She walks on her tip toes when she's dancing.  Spins faster and faster every day!

She puts her finger up to her mouth and says "Shhhhh!" with a serious little look on her face.

She announces loudly "UUUH OOOOH!!!" when ever she is doing some thing she shouldn't be (standing on a chair, the table, about to (attempt) to jump off the couch.

Or moments like this:
Rocking on the rocker standing "no hands". This girl is seriously adventurous, even more than Friendly was at this age.

Don't worry, she has to get off if she stands...And then she climbs back up and rocks nicely.

Oh yeah: THAT face any time she see's the camera and hears "cheeeese" she makes this face. It is too much!!

She also loves to climb up in the little rocker and rocking her baby dolls while patting their backs. Melt worthy, for real!!

She has a new tooth! and several more sharp on the gums (but this one is really- o-truly-o honest to goodness IN) But that has been a bit miserable for her, she has needed lots of snuggles.

She loooves to play any thing with her sisters, tea party is definitely a fave.

She loves to make her sisters laugh...As I've been typing this she has been doing summersaults (they turn to the side quite dramatically but she has got the start down pat! Friendly is dyyyying of laughter which makes Pip do it more! And now they have started a game where Pip climbs up on the coffee table (not encouraged) and starts SPINNING up there (I grab her off mid turn and try to redirect) but she caught on that Friendly finds it hilarious so now we've got a game on our hands. Ridiculous. She is such a little buddy!

And with that I close...Oh and she also figured out how to climb out of her highchair...This girl is a serious monkey!!

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