Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winters End...Around the Home...

This winter has been so very long. I feel like from November when Day Light Savings Time ends until it begins again in March we live in...the dark. 
Pip "playing baby" first week in March

All 3 "babies"

The littler babies...

The days are too short, too cold...Life is waiting for better weather. And battling the bugs and viruses that tend to hit every other week or so when you have small children in the house.

It was a long winter. especially this year with a busy toddler-baby in the house- the girl is BUSY, but does not like the cold or wind. While there were a few days I could have bundled the big kids to go out for some fun, the baby would not have made it fun or pleasant, at all. So we did our best to keep busy inside...Lots of forts...Lots of movies...lots of enjoying the quiet season of hibernation- time goes a bit slower...Which can be nice, it feels like it goes at a break neck speed the rest of the year! 

Seriously, I blinked and we've been in this apartment TWO years now! Wow! And HOW?!
Ryan and I bought this tea kettle to celebrate our 7 year anniversary: My best friend sent me a "spring is coming, cheer up!" package- with tea and this mug: unbeknownst to her it MATCHES my new tea kettle! <3 Definitely cheered me up!

Yes, Spring is just around the corner...And we couldn't be more excited!!

March 5, 2013

These two together <3 too much, they are such buddies...But then again, Friendly just IS a buddy- it's hard not to be her buddy...The girl refuses to be un-buddied!!!!
 Ryan's brother Shane visited this past weekend- he took some beautiful pictures of the girls- which are one Ryan's computer. Hopefully I will be able to get caught up enough on blogging to share them...But here are a few that I snapped on my phone:
 Pip is 13 mos and walking well, she dances too which is adorable...But my goodness- you never can appreciate the amount of energy and will they have until you take them to the park and let them go- oh my goodness! This baby WALKED AN ENTIRE MILE!!!! She refused to be carried- for one quarter of the mile she stopped every 3 feet to pick up a treasure and bring it to me "shee?" she says. She is a treasure. And my goodness, I still can't believe how determined she is- another strong little person in our family!
 Yes we're excited for spring!!! These girls have lots of energy...We've been seeing more of this lately:

Wrestling! Friendly is usually (read, always) the instigator she needs more physical outlets for sure... We've been trying to decide what to enroll her in in the next year that will exhaust her - I don't think there really *is* any thing that will exhaust her- but we'd like to try! I'm thinking maybe soccer- some thing that requires tons of running would be good.

Yes, spring is in the air! And we can't wait.. Another post coming shortly- I have updates on Pip's 1 year Doctor visit and Roo has recently gotten to do some doctor trips too!

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