Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pip ....Belated 13mos!

Our Pip Squeak has held the title well! She is our tinest 1 year old to date...By a slim margin- but the Pip holds the title none the less!

At her 1 year appointment she was 20lbs 2oz and 30inches tall. She did great! I love our pediatricians so much..She is so kind, and thorough... Sadly Pip has been breaking out in allergy rashes and the doctor agreed with me that corn is a big issue for her. So both Mommy and Pip are corn free (on top of being gluten and dairy free- oiye!) now and hopefully the worst of her itchy rashes will clear soon.

The day of her doctors appointment was a Tuesday and it was a BUSY day- we had Roo's Vision Therapy in the morning and then had Pip's doctor appointment in the afternoon...

By 6:30 p.m. Pip was exhausted ...She crawled up on the couch next to Daddy and passed out...He woke up an hour later...She stayed asleep...Moved to her bed and stayed in sleep mode through the night! One exhausted baby for sure!

She slept there for nearly 2 hours before we moved her to her bed- she looked like this little doll just laying there on the couch.

"Diddle diddle dumping my son john...went to bed with his trousers on...one sock off and one sock on...diddle diddle dumpling my son John!"
We're seeing more and more of Pip's *extremely* determined side. She makes it known loud and clear when some one is NOT following the rules (whatever they may be!)

While she definitely does not sleep through the night (at all, yawn) she has got a pretty nice little routine down. After 12 mos of being a night owl and keeping Mommy and Daddy up until 11pm -1am nightly (despite some attempts to nudge it earlier-it has been a long year) she finally dropped her second nap (which was what was killing bedtimes) and is usually asleep by 8p.m. and sleeps until 7 or 8 in the morning...She takes a 1-3 hour nap in the mid-day around 12:30/1 and it all works nicely...Unless it's a day where it doesn't.

This is last Sunday... She apparently "wasn't tired" AT ALL. :0D

She is doing fantastic- walking, starting to get VERY fast...climbing all things...She spins or bobs her head when ever music is playing. She gets adorably coy and sweet whenever she notices some one is watching her.

She is making more and more sounds that I know in a few more weeks will be recognizable as words... She has been trying to say: diapers, sisters, and several other words that I just can't make out, but I know in a few weeks they'll suddenly make sense. She signs "milk" and "more".

She LOVES to color like her sisters and has been trying to figure out how to get old of those pesky sticks to decorate paper too!

One of her favorite games is chasing her sisters with the toy knitted snake and "ssssssssing" them. She adores them and is thrilled to be treated like a "big kid" and be in on their games. Nothing insults her more than being left out.

Oh and here is a first, she is TERRIFIED of bubbles- and she has recently decided she hates rain as well (falling on her in any way shape or form).

I can't believe she's going to be 14mos old this month! Time...Time can thankfully move us through the rough weeks so quickly. The dark days after the long nights fly by...But the bitter side of it is that it holds true for the sweet days too... These girls are growing so fast...With Pip I am learning more to savor even the ugly times- or at least take a deep breath it will practically be gone by the time I breath in again. 

Other spring happenings coming soon!

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