Sunday, April 7, 2013


We've had a nasty chest cold circling the house the last two weeks. Roo and I had it last weekend, Friendly had it really bad around the middle of last week, and poor little Pip has been feeling awful with it the past 4 days. Nasty awful sore throat, cough and fever.

Last night marked the third night in a row of terrible sleep for Mommy and Daddy. Pip was just miserable at night and Ryan and I took turns passing her back and forth the entire night trying to comfort her the best we could. This morning found us just crawling out of bed at 10 o'clock.

 So we skipped church - even though the older two are now healthy- and took the kids to a park to play.

At the park the older two latched onto this little girl around Roo's age, she instantly became "their very best friend". So for the hour and a half we were at the park the 3 little girls were running around together.

When we were driving home from the park we asked Roo what the little girls name was, "Ummmm...I can't remember. I asked her, but I juts forget her name." was the response we got.
This was actually from last week not today...

Ryan: Was her name Maria?

Roo: nooo.

Mommy: Was her name "Prairie Dawn?"

Roo:  nooo...

Daddy: Was her name Oscar? What about Elmo?

Mommy: Hmmm, I know was it Rosita??


Than friendly piped up: Was it Cash-aw?! I think it was Cash-aw!

Ryan and I (and maybe this was the sleep deprivation kicking in) just about died trying to stifle our laughter.

Roo: It was NOT Cash-aw Friendly! It wasn't!!
Friendly: Yes it was! It was Cash-Aw!!!
Roo: No it wasn't!
Friendly: Yes it was!

Ryan and I (awesome parents that we are) interjected: Well was her name Gordon?
What about Louis? No?

That stopped their fighting for a moment.

Friendly piped up again: Well was her name Fence? what about Dumpster Trucks? Yes, I think it was Cash-aw actually, (Cash-Aw Fence Dumpster Trucks) was her name!!!
Roo: No it wasn't!
Friendly: Yes it was!!
Roo: No it WAS Roo!! It WAS!!!!!
 Friendly: I AM TAKING ALL THE TROPHIES!! I am Taking all your medals and trophies and SMASHING THEM!!!!

 And that ladies in gentlemen, is how you win and argument. You take the other persons pretend trophies and SMASH them!

We have entered the "We're bored and we're going to MAKE UP Things to fight about" stage. It sucks. Friendly has entered all the loveliness of three, on top of being an intense person in general...Which means: she is extremely hard to keep busy. Add to the fact that she's a middle child... Deep breath, it's been a long winter.

Bottom line, they have the "I'm smashing your TROPHIES!" argument about 5 times a day.

Picking my battles, at least nothing in real life is getting broken...I hope.

But yes, Nobody wins. So there.

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