Monday, May 27, 2013


Desperately trying to play "blog catch up!" April and May have been insane months! Just a blur...I wrote this on April 28th-  a couple days after The Pip had her 15month birthday. I had some pictures to add, and the internet was acting up ...And then I never got to come back! 

Goodness, the last few weeks have been so busy! I have so many things I've wanted to update, but haven't had the time...But before another week starts I wanted to update because we had a Birthmonthday. 

Last Friday the Pip turned 15months old!! What a fun and busy little bee she is! She mastered going down stairs by herself this past month. She has been able to turn around and scootch down off furniture, and down steps for a few months now- but this month she really seemed to understand the "turning around carefully" at the top every time part. She loves to practice on any steps she can get near- especially at the playground she likes to practice walking down like a big girl.

It makes mommy tired just to watch.
 She hasn't been dong much verbally, she was saying and making the "ma/da/na" sounds for a long time, and had a lot of words. Lately? Not so much. She likes the "ja" sound and she will occasionally prattle on with the "da da ja ja shhja?" I am hoping all this is because she's been mastering somersaults, learning how to run (she's getting speedy!), and figuring out lots of neat physical stuff-  in both fine and gross motor abilities! She loves to color, snuggle, and do pretty much any thing her sisters will involve her in. She talks in a lot of sweet little grunts. Each one has a different intonation she has a grunt that sounds like "uh-hunh" (yes) and "Uhn-uhn!" (no) she has her favorite, "Uh-oh!" and a grunt that sounds like thank you "ah ouuu" and okay "o-a" and her newest little sound is "I love you" she says "a yaj ah!". She is the sweetest little thing. She understands pretty much every thing we say- even when we hope she doesn't! If we mention we may be going some where later she runs to the door where her shoes are kept- pulls them out and brings them to me whimpering that she might get left behind.
Sleeping in her car seat 15months old

If some thing is hers (even if she deemed it hers that second) she can be quite feisty and vocal about the fact that her territory is being infringed upon. She puts out her little hand, scowls ferociously and SHRIEKS her warning call. And if that doesn't work she starts dancing and screams up at me that I'm not DOING ANY THING! She gets her point across.

She loves her sisters, I mean adores them. It is the sweetest thing to see her just drink up their hugs and love- even when the hugs get a little rough and long as Friendly tends to be.

She is a JOY!

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