Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

A friend asked me last week how my Mother's Day was. I had to think REALLY hard about it- which means it wasn't bad! :) I got to sleep in, Ryan made us waffles for breakfast, I went and got a hair cut, and after that we went to the Spring Fling a tradition from childhood in our home town.

It is the celebration of may pole dancing and crowning of the may queen. We have gone most years since I was a child- I was a dancer in the program every year, and even acted as the may queens attendants one year. :) It's a fun program and it was exciting to see how into all the dancing the girls were- it was the first year they could really appreciate it. 

She was a bit chilly

Beautiful Roo snuggling Daddy

The Pip taking it all in from Mama's back.
It was a beautiful (chilly!) and happy Mother's Day!

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