Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

Hopefully some pictures of the day to come...eventually.

This will have to be short. We had a bit of a freak accident (still not entirely sure HOW it happened) and my middle finger on my right hand got the short end of the deal..Well thankfully it's not shorter, just bruised and swollen with a deep (to the bone?) cut. We were trying to hurry and get the girls fed an early lunch and down for their naps before the guests arrived and (as Roo said over and over again) "the feast" began.

Well I was carrying a stone-ware plate to the kitchen and Ryan was kneeling by the girls little picnic table helping them get situated. On my way through I had to slide behind him to get past the dining room table, and as I was he suddenly stood up, throwing (with shocking force) my hand with plate into the dining room table. The plate shattered into a thousand pieces and somehow managed to slice my finger and bruise my ring and pinky fingers. We still can't figure out how it cut me where it did. It was ugly. I have never seen a wound bleed like that (literal pool with in a few seconds) and OUCH!!!!

Thankful my Mom was there to take over as Ryan was trying to rescue the girls away from the shattered mess, and I was on the verge of fainting. She got the bleeding under control and then ran to the drug store to get some butterfly tape to hold together the cut. It was still bleeding into the evening but thankfully stopped and I'm glad I didn't have to go get stitches. This whole incident has left me kind of useless. My Uncle is a nurse and he looked it over last night and said I just need to keep it elevated and stabilized. So I have been.

Last Tuesday (the 23rd) Ryan and I celebrated 21 years of friendship. The day we met was a Thanksgiving Day, it snowed and we both have vivid memories from that day. The biggest one being: I (accidentally!) slammed Ryans' finger in a door.

Yesterday was surprising. Roo was thrilled as we got a good 1+ inch of snow and she was desperate (a long with Friendly) to get out there and play in the snow. She's been looking forward to snow for months! And then Ryan (accidentally) cut my finger horribly.

I think we can call it even for finger injuries on Thanksgiving. No more! Uncanny the similarities though! :0)

We're so thankful this year. For each other, for our beautiful, exuberant, and healthy children. For our families and for God's provision this past year. And not just physically but for all the questions He's answering and doors He's opening (and closing!). It truly has been a very special year and we're just in awe of His grace. We hope all of you, where ever you celebrated had a special day...We're thankful for each one of you!

Now off to elevate my hand and watch a movie with my hubby! The girls just went down!

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