Friday, December 10, 2010

Babies and Girls...

Friendly is 16 months old yesterday, I cannot say how much I am enjoying this age...She is the sweetest!!

Our Sweety!

She's learned how to go up and DOWN the steps in the past several weeks... She now wonders all over the house with quite a bit of freedom. She is really proud of these new skills.

Roo makes us laugh! She woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday and so I had her eat up in the bedroom to give her some space and time to wake up. When I went up to check on her this is what I found, a tea party! :)

Friendly was quite pleased to join in!

The guests at the party...

We've been sick this week... Roo had a VERY high fever Saturday night and woke up delirious and uncomfortable. Thankfully every one seems to be on the mend, just nursing the colds left behind from this strange virus. We've been spending a LOT of time in front of the TV ( :( ), sipping juice, wiping noses, and taking it easy.

Friendly is just growing up so much. We counted it up last night she has over 20 words in her vocabulary now! And she has several sentences that are in her own little language, but the inflection is so obvious you can understand what she's saying. When she's crying "Me ma me Mommie!" is (I want my Mommie!) and "dis MY" (this is MINE!)... She is also a HUGE fan of "No MY!" whenever Roo is near her. She's certainly talking up a storm! On the flip side though there is so much she wants to tell us about...Since she can say yes and no it's like playing 20 questions until we figure out what she's asking for. Frustrating.

And afternoon cat nap for Friendly... She is growing up so fast. Speaking of sleeping we are loving (kind of ;) ) some of the new rituals she has recently pulled out. At sleep times she ahs to round up all her babies, tuck them into her bed, and kiss each one several times before she'll go to sleep. And she wants to be put to sleep (most of the time) just like them, Mommie patting her back and a dolly as well. sheesh. But it's so cute I can't resist, she's growing too fast.

Ah, sister love... The girls are certainly challenging with that! A lot of fighting and disagreements. Two little people learning to live together, hard work. But also with that comes some really incredible things to watch. The precious little conversations over tea parties (Roo doing most of the talking, Friendly piping in with a yes, no, mine, or jabber of her own). They've started playing house, taking care of their babies and cooking for them, playing tag. Whoa! Entertaining eachother....Sometimes.

Our Christmas Tree this year... I'm sure it won't look anything like this by Christmas, at least at this rate! The girls daily rearrange the ornaments, they are having a blast with it.

Roo's favorite ornament... And angel in a "shockin"

Lots of playing happening! Glad they are starting to feel better...Wish it weren't so cold so we could GO outside!

Friendly playing hard

Well must run... Hope you all are enjoying December...More to come soon!

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