Monday, November 8, 2010

15 months!

Friendly is 15months old today- how is that possible?

We are loving this age, just eating up all the cute things she does. She understands so much of what is said around her. If you ask her a yes or no question she will nod or shake her head with the most solemn expression. The other week I mentioned in passing to a friend that I was going to be leaving later that evening. Friendly wouldn't leave my side the rest of the day! That evening she was crying and clinging in my lap, it was getting near bedtime. I asked 'Friendly, are you sad because I said I was leaving tonight." She lifted her face from snuggling and nodded her sweet little head. I told her Daddy would be there after I left and she would be fine.

At bedtime I reminded her I'd be back later and Daddy would come to her if she needed anything. She whimpered but nodded and crawled over to her bed for us to finish our routine. She did fine for Ryan that night! He said it only took a few minutes to get her back down when she woke up looking for me (I went to a Zumba class with some girlfriend's I don't usually go out to late evening things, too tired! ;0).

She also has started pretending with her big sister. Roo started this game in the downstairs bathroom...It sounds strange but is funny. The downstairs bathroom has this vineyard antique fruit thing...It has these life-size bunches of grapes and other fruits as a chair rail ( sounds strange, not doing the walls justice!). When Roo Girl is using the bathroom she started grabbing bunches (pretending) off the walls and going "yum yum yum yum yumm....Want some grapes? They are deeelicious!Well now anytime Friendly is in there she carefully "picks" a grape and hands it to some one or "yum yum yumms" as she eats them herself!

I love their imaginations!

She wants to do anything that Roo is doing, or we're doing...

The other night at a family gathering we were all having a glass of wine. My brother was pouring and Friendly wanted in on that action. She grabbed her little plastic tea cup and raced over to Uncle J going "ea ea ea ea!!!" (please)

No baby, it's not juice.

She had her 15mos appointment today. 21lbs 4oz and 31 inches tall,. She's grown 3 inches since her first birthday!!

We're so thankful for her, I can't believe what a blessing she is!

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