Thursday, November 4, 2010

Silly Sayings

Roo today has been coming up with some cute things.

Today is the day we let our voices be heard and VOTE. After Roo nap this afternoon, I told her once she was awake enough we were going to head down to the polls, so I could cast my Vote.

"Mommie, are we going to ride on a Boat??"

No cast my V-V-V VOTE.

repeat a hundred times.

So we get every one all bundled up (it's chilly!) and walk over to the voting place. We walk in the room and Roo pipes up, "Where's the vote? Where are the fishies? Where's the water, Mommie?"

Later this afternoon... We were in the playroom and I said "Oh we better run up and bring Barny in, he's barking up a storm."

As I walk in the back door with Barn Roo pipes up "Barnabas! You were barking up the thunder! You need to be quiet, we don't want to get wet!"

She's cute.

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