Sunday, June 15, 2014

closing out the school year...

Our first year of home schooling is coming to a close, it's been a fun year!
a random craft Friendly created. Rainbows.

she is so good at building these towers. Her math and reading skills amaze me.
A drawing by Roo.

coloring too!
painting a favorite activity
This is Monticello- Thomas Jefferson's house

 The girls made these crowns-decorated themselves!
she was proud of her crown.

school on the computer....
Pip's work, always finding the funniest little creations and stacks of things around the house.
Friendly working on her "design skills"... she likes to "design" dresses in her princess drawings.
 counting the circles she drew on the card she made. She can count to 14...She counts everything- especially steps! She tells me a few times a day now, "dere 13 steps in living room" there are!
 Outside school!! Mud play whole mommy reads aloud...

 outside school...
 a team project...

 They did this together, all their own initiative!
 This year we learned seasons, months, days. The girls both know and can recite the days of the week, months of the year, and the seasons. We made this poster together.

 This baby is a little genius in the preschool apps... She knows many letters and sounds, shapes, colors, and a few number symbols. She whips through the levels.
 School in the attic: messy!

 a kite she designed and made herself...
 Pip has recently taken an interest in trying to figure out scissors.

 A picture by Friendly...
Painting... Both girls really increased their skills in this over the course of the school year.

An "abstract" by Roo
 Roo is beginning to truly get the code!!! She's started writing words she thinks if and sounds out alone.

some of the longer words are from a few months ago when she was playing doc McStuffins, but "Bat" and her attempt at pip's name, all her own!
celebrations...evening dance recitals...

we were given fake flowers and instructed to throw them at the dancers when the song ended. 
Many pictures to come soon and a bit of an update on everyone!!

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