Monday, June 16, 2014

Around Home...Spring Photo Dump


 silly faces


We made this together- a doll house!

I found Roo a new 20imch bicycle from a local yardage group- a practically brand new Schwinn $35! I got up early to pick it up on a Saturday morning and surprised her. <3

A princess Birthday drawing by Friendly...


 A toddler was here?

 Trying to get some exercise in on a long streak of mud and rain.
 We made hula hoops out of irrigation tubing and fabric.

 All our hoops. <3

 Sunday evening bike play...

 This is Reddy the Fox- She made this all herself!!!
We had a streak of warm days in May- the kids had so much fun in the baby pool. Roo teaching Pip how to swim. ;) 

 it was nearly nap time...
rainbow over our home...
 She made me cake... for dinner!!
My sister visited with her sweet sphinx babies. The girls LOVED their visit!! We had fun seeing K and C too!! :)

I love the fleeting days of nap snuggles... so sweet.
 "I am a robot!"
I cut 8 wigs of hair for a project. and then gave Ryan a real hair cut.

more nap snuggles

finger paints!

 We built a fort...

 Raj and I were getting some stuff done at church, Ryan set u a movie theater in the sanctuary for the girls- all their own! We were able to work and they had a blast watching anfabirite movie on the big screen and running around.

 after nap on a Sunday in late May.
She's started wearing "tips" in her hair (clips)
 Seriously... these two are buddies...
 And so are they...

watching the thunderstorm outside...

 Mother's day- my gift a new coffee maker!
A toddler was here... Pip picked this dinosaur out and bought it with her own money. She got tired of carrying it around Target, so she stowed it under the cart. 

 A "Mommy and Daddy Date" On nice evenings -when we have the energy-  we leave the older two tucked in their beds (with Nana on duty) and we go fir a walk with out baby... her sweet chirpy voice and bug watchful eyes. we love it.
My Mother's Day cards.
 Our daily routine...
 Home Made pizza crusts for Father's Day Pizza Night...

How's that for most pictures ever posted? A True photo dump. Lots of memories.


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