Monday, June 16, 2014

Around Home...Outdoor Spring 2014 Addition...

Busy... busy... busy spring!!! April brought beautiful weather and lots of projects out doors!

Last year you might recall The Great Deck Demo of 2013
 well we laid the patio... and I finally finished it a few weeks ago!

The first update after that was a new sandbox...

"Easter" gift from Nana! Huge hit, it gets so much use.
 We moved the garden bed

The girls have one too (picture further down)

we added a teepee for peas to grow up...
And I dig up the entire hard (by hand!) over a weekend, leveled it out, and seeded it for grass..

 and waited for it to grow...

And boy, did it!! A real lawn!
an abundance of tomato plants!
And then I finished the flagstone hammock patio my Mom had started last summer...


That has been lovely... almost always in the shade and extremely relaxing...

(from the hammock)

I still have some work to do in the front half of the yard..I've got the ivy bed torn out
all the ivy vines wrapped up and gone... now to dig out the roots and set up a corner for a garden bed and seed the rest for grass.
It's been a productive spring for sure! After the brutal winter of staring at all the potential, it has felt fantastic to dig in and get so much done! Still a million little projects: lattice at the bottom of then deck... painting the front porch... lots and lots of garden things. It's a long list, looking forward to all the little projects it adds to life.  
Oh the garden beds at night...
it looks really uneven, but it's mostly the old old side walk: another project: ripping that out and ...?

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