Monday, March 10, 2014

Waiting For Spring Photo Dump

Oh winter, you're nice for many things. You bring rest, we've enjoyed a lot of rest this winter. Many cozy days watching snow fall outside. A quiet time with much relaxation and time to prepare for the coming seasons. But we are ready for spring we wait...

 School is going... well... We usually only end up doing about 3 days a week. Which seems to work nicely in keeping our weeks relaxed but keeping structure too. We double up on the days we have school and we're making our way through each unit right on "schedule" for the holidays written (loosely) into the units (more or less). And as of today we're on our 100th unit day! Yay.
 TV and snuggles
dance performances! 
coffee...wonderous! My new thing is to whip with a small bullet-type blender 2T of Virgin coconut oil. A good way to get my fat needs met! 
 Sensory swings!! These have been an absolutely life saver this winter!! Friendly seriously spends about 3hours a day in them swinging and doing tricks. They are several yards of 30-36inch wide stretchy fabric that I tied to the exposed rafters in the attic. 
school! More school.... we've been doing a lot of hands on math and phonics which has been fun for everyone...Roo here doing one-ten in word numbers (she had to read the word and put the numbers in order. Then she needed to collect each amount and place it on the card).
 Pip has started Heart Of Dakota Preschool "Little Hands To Heaven" for ages 2-5. She loves learning with her sisters... here she had to make her toy whale trace the letter A.
Friendly doing 1-10 number symbol cards (she had to line up each number in order and then collect the amount for each number and place it on the card) 
 School has been great. The girls now know The order of the Months of the year. The days of the week. And RJ can count by 10's and is learning to count by 5's. We've read some amazing books this school year and I look forward to all that we have to learn next year!! 
We've also done lots of spring cleaning lately...
One big project recently was rotating and organizing the office nook...
We also have been playing with arrangements in the girls room...  
Other fun stuff...
The girls got to watch Frozen for then first time...Friendly LOVES it. I think Root finds it too emotionally draining. But she LOVES Olaf.
 I found a special pre-release deal on amazon that allowed us to buy the digital version for amazon video Library for $19.99. A kind of steep price for a digital version (though we're slowly moving over to a 100% digital stuff anyway). And I figured between this brutal winter and the fact that we didn't get to go see it in theaters (which would have come to about $40 for our whole family) it was worth a splurge and it's one of the only movies Friendly will watch. Life saver! 
 feeding her my little pony and dinosaur (peeking out by her leg). Right after this she brought some (kids) scissors to me that Friendly had left out... she asked me to cut Princess Twilight Sparkles hair....ummm, no. And ugh for when she figures out scissors.
They made this town all km their own. They dubbed it "Magicville". 
PIP 'ice skating" in my shoes.
 Trying to walk in Daddy's boots!!
We're starting to have more says where we can get outside and play! It's amazing how warm 32 degrees feels when you've been having days upon days of teen weather.
eventually we realized 32 *is* cold and we came back in...
 Lego creations... always Lego creations. They've been bitten by the Lego bug, seriously!
 Pip always asleep on me... this jight she decided I made the perfect bed. She's getting so big. :(
 And this morning... Friendly swinging.... always swinging!!

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