Sunday, April 6, 2014

Family Time...Spring is!!

It's been a crazy few weeks, Ryan's parents were in town and we had a really great visit with them. They helped us with some outdoor projects and the girls had a blast with them. And now we dive into SPRING- it's going to be a busy one!But first, some snap shots of life...
Pip and Mommy cheesing.

Pip really prefers to choose all of her own clothing. One night she chose a pair of Pj's that were 18-24mos.They were just a smidge too small. So we took a picture.

see how tight the feet were?

Adorable. Sad she's outgrown them.:(
This morning, the girls before church.

The sweetest and the best.
Today was GORGEOUS and we've been trying to soak up every second we can together as the next several weeks are going to be really busy. This afternoon we took a trip to the park to spend some much needed family time together...
Roo dances while she waits to go around to her side of the car.
Pip and Daddy are "it".
Climbing walls

Another picture.
 Roo and I have recently gotten into hula hooping. We made some really pretty ones this past week using irrigation tubing, connectors, and tape or fabric. We both hula hooped for a bit at the park...But Roo wanted to scooter and climb more- so I didn't get a picture of her...yet. Ryan snapped on of me though!

goofing on the train tracks

She wasn't so sure about being up off the ground with no railings!

Roo can jump up and hit that circle there!! These kids have been amazing us with their "big kid" skills lately!
These are from yesterday...
Friendly can climb to the top of the spider web!

We've been trying to get into pictures more too- we exist- see?

And this child! She's becoming quite independent and adventurous on the playground!
 Back to our fun time today at hte park...More chase...

And then we got out the skooters and Pip's balance bike and went for a walk..

She is so so proud of being able to ride a REAL big kid bike. She calls it "My new Bite!" and she is so unbelievably SLOW. The 1/4 mile walk took about an 45 minutes- and that was with lots us us giving her breaks..encouraging her to walk a bit.

She loves to off road on it!

Being silly.

A picture by Roo

A picture by Friendly

A picture by Daddy! Ha!!!

We've been busy busy busy! There's been lots of exciting stuff happening for the Joys...Roo is learning to whistle, and Pip is talking in 4-6 word sentences!!! Friendly is a Lego Maniac, and we're all extremely happy spring is on the way!

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