Monday, March 10, 2014

"My Pot!"

The Pip is turning into quite a clown. When anyone gets up or she see's they are about to sit down she dives into their and yells "my pot!"

 the other night Ryan went down stairs to get some e thing and Piper heard him coming back up the stairs she shrieked "hiiide!!!" and dove under the covers and silently waited for Ryan to come back. She hid quietly from him until he pulled back the covers. "noo my pot!!"
she's the lump under the blanket

joker joy

she loves to run loops under Ryan legs... this was bedtime one night

 waking up... she's solo happy and snuggle

 Another joke she played recently... yesterday we were eating dinner. Ryan got up to get seconds and some water and Pip went and got this giant stuffed sheep. She set the sheep in his chair and climbed back up to finish her dinner at her place. Ryan came back to the table and Piper was eating her food and making sly glances at the sheep. Ryan said "hey how'd this sheep get in my chair??" Pip just grinned slyly and said nothing. 😁
2 is such a fun age! I gotta say, I do have pictures from her second birthday... hopefully I can catch up there soon
Another "waiting fir Spring Photo dump" coming soon!

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