Saturday, October 15, 2011

ThE gReAt PuMpKiN hUnT 2011

 We did things a little differently this year... Instead of our traditional pumpkin patch near us. We headed to a dairy farm that offers a hay ride to the "patch", a petting zoo area, a free corn maze, and a tour of the dairy barns. It was a blast! The pictures pretty much say it all...

Newby about 27 weeks!

She was telling us about pulling the "gwoss disgusting guts" out of the pumpkins.

Sweet Friendly

Roo was being silly! We said to say cheese and she made that face!

Mama and her 3 little punkins

Daddy and his little punkins

I'm a bit of a pumpkin freak...

You can tell Daddy took this picture, they look so little!

family self portrait
Friendly watching the ducks and chickens

The kiddie corn maze

oops dead end!

Roo ran through the whole thing...It was a race to keep her in sight!

It was a wonderful family morning!

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