Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hope Deferred

We lost our baby this week. We are very sad and disappointed. We were really looking forward to adding to our family. So excited to welcome an Autumn baby (I was due late October/Early November which has always been a dream of mine: it's my favorite time of year!). We still hope to add another little person to our family, we know it's not yet complete. But for now, our hope has been deferred. And we will wait on the Lord. He obviously had His reasons that an Autumn baby not be in our family at this time.

We are really looking forward to a busy spring and summer. We hope to get a pool pass to a local pool down the street from us... And spend as many hot afternoons at the pool as possible! We're really excited about that! I will also be keeping a friends newborn for about a month in late spring. My friend only has 6 weeks maternity and has to go to work back before her summer break arrives (she's a teacher). I feel so blessed that she would trust me with her newborn. And excited to get to snuggle a new baby all day- and send it home to a loving Mama at night! Best of both worlds. Newborn and SLEEP! This has been in the works for some time, and the thought of doing it while pregnant was daunting. I am relieved in that sense.

We will miss our baby always, but the peace we feel about the timing has been a great comfort.

Today we are going to enjoy the outside as it's acting like it's spring! I have quite a few "field trips" we've taken in the past several weeks and I really need to get them posted... More to come soon!

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