Saturday, March 5, 2011


"I'm having a baby....My baby and me....We're adding a branch to our family tree!"

-Ricky Ricardo

I'm a big I Love Lucy fan and that has always been a favorite episode. The client I used to take care of (before and after Roo was born) had it on VHS and we watched it quite often. It really is a sweet one. Lucy is trying to find the perfect way to tell Ricky about their new baby...But he's so busy opening the new club he doesn't give her the chance. In the end, the only way she gets the chance is to have him sing that song to some one in the audience...Her.

Our discovery wasn't so sitcomy... It was more like, "Why are you falling asleep by 8 every night? Hmmm."

Roo and The Test...In case you can't see: it says "pregnant"!

We are so excited about this 5th member to our family! Whose expected to arrive, if all goes well, some time late in the Autumn.

We'll keep you posted!

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