Friday, December 27, 2013

Chrisrmas. Snippets

This was a wonderful Christmas, the girls were given so many fantastic gifts! It was such a cozy relaxing Christmas-so very needed after the crazy few weeks we've had.

I am going to need to set aside a good chunk of time to upload the pictures  and tell the stories... so for now some .  snippets.

Roo got a Lambie from  Doc McStuffins-her favorite gift

I was massively surprised by a new Venue 8 table!!!
I wouldn't call it "bad luck" per se, but technology and I had a rough year... my kindle broke -and they sent me an older one to replace it... my cell phone broke and it took us 3mos to afford a new (older refurbished one)... my glasses broke (yeah it wasn't just technology) ,they were 4year old and I was planning on replacing them this winter... we needed it to wait... so I wore a reeeally old pair with bad prescription for 4mos -which gVe me terrible headaches- until we had the funds. My car (the minivan) was perpetually breaking down... and then I got a new car and had it for 3weeks before it was totaled. All completely "first world problems"... And there are so many other blessings that happened they weren't worth whining about. But Ryan knew how discouraged I was at points this year and he wanted to do some thing special to kind of make it up to me.
Hello ,Windows Venu8. It is pretty neat!! I have a sweet husband.

PiPpy loooves her new books and Kaloo Bear *a story about that later..

 The girls received a bit more doll house furniture.pip liked the  new kitchen  sink and baby--she kept. Washing. baby's hands..

 playing with my new tablet camera...

Friendly  received Legos -her favorite  new thing.
she is amazing.
more To come.....

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