Saturday, December 28, 2013

23 Months

It is impossible to believe this sweet baby will be 2 in less than a month!!!
she is such a little sunshine girl..flitting from room to room and busy puttering around.
Her favorite things...

mIlkie snuggles (still nursing)
Baby dolls any size.
Toys, toys toys! She loves to play with things and carries special ones to her (that day) around in totes and baskets.
Being busy
Eating (favorite foods: banannas,  pie,  tuna, apples, carrots, toast, EGGS, kale chips (she hogs them), and anything -we haven't come across something she won't try!)
Sleeping in and snuggling in bed with Mommy and Daddy
Talking about Elmo (she may only have 30 words but she can use them to being up Elmo- so its all good)
Butterflies "bye-eye"
Christmas lights "pee-ee ights." (pretty lights)
The colors yellow and purple

She is still in speech, and making improvements by leaps and bounds! She went from rarely babbling and using no real words to consistently using signs and words to make requests, having and regularly using names for everyone in the house, she has recently started using 2and 3 word sentences "me mommy baby" and "me up po-eee" (me upstairs to the potty). We haven't started potty training , she is talking more and more about it and I am planning to tackle it in January.

what I will  remember about this age:  teeething 
she is a joy.

  snUuuuggle  bug!

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