Monday, January 14, 2013

One Special Kid

Friendly is one very special kid, we knew that even before she popped out. It was fun sitting with pregnant Hannah and feeling friendly's strong, determined movements. We would talk about our impressions of her and it was always the same, she is a strong, determined kid, a leader in the making.

It's incredible to watch her grow up and see her display what we have always known to be true. She is determined and moves to the beat of her own drum. For example, while her older sister could care less about what she wears, Friendly makes up her mind on what she wants and then pursues it with everything in her (even if it makes a big mess!) until she has put together her perfect outfit from head to toe. It is fun to see her speak to bigger children on their own level and have them give weight to her words. When she is in the room, you know she is there, and when she speaks, you have no choice but to listen. When I pray for her, I pray that Jesus will take those strengths she was born with and mold her into a godly leader, one who will rock the whole world.

I have a reminder of this special girl on my desk at work. The Christmas before she was born, I was given a verse-a-day calendar by a co-worker. I was pretty good at each morning tearing off the page from the previous day so I could see the new verse. Well, the wonderful day came and Friendly was born into our home. I took a week or so off work, but when I came back I forgot to resume tearing off the pages each day. It did not occur to me until a few weeks or months later when I looked at the calendar and noticed it was still on her birthday. It has been over three years now, but I still keep that old calendar on my desk and smile every time I see it. I love that girl more than words can describe, and I am honored to have the privilege of watching her grow into the unique and powerful woman she is destined to be.

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