Tuesday, January 1, 2013

11 MONTHS!!!

 I am not ready for her to be 1!! This year has flown so fast, it is hard to believe that the day after Christmas Pip turned 11 months old- and we will be kissing the "first year" good bye all too soon.

And what a sweet sweet year it has been! Seriously, our littlest girl is such an extra bright light in our family. She is just a leaky love.

And this girl is some thing else!! The other two were into stuff, but this Pip takes the cake!! She climbs every thing, in a flash! She loves to explore and experience EVERY THING.

This was last week She was up on the table in a blink, pigging out on R's bowl of oatmeal.

She LOVES food- the older two weren't really into solids until around 14-15 months...But Pip? She eats any thing, exuberantly!

Other things she is doing...WALKING!!!  It is so cute to see her come around a bend on her toddly little feet. She does the cutest thing with her fingers when she is walking, fluttering them as if they some how propel her.

She loves music, cannot hear a beat with out breaking into dance. She likes to try to color when given crayons.

Says: Mama, Da dee, yeah, hi, hey, see (eee? eee?? while pointing), what's that (A da? while pointing), she understands a lot of short directions (especially, "want food?" and "want milkies?") when she wants a snack she has been known to climb up to the table and try to grab food or point to some thing up high and grunting that she wants it. She has been in a growth spurt and snacking so much.

She wants to do any thing her sisters do- including jumping on the bed! Yesterday we pulled out our extra old mattress (stowed under the bunk bed in the girls room) and we let the girls get some energy out by letting them jump off the couch and bounce around on that bed. Pip tried to jump off the couch too!! I was sitting on the couch and she climbed up and sat next to me...A few minutes later she stood up, walked away from the back of the couch and was getting ready to jump off on to the mattress when I stopped her. Sorry, NO! She contented herself by standing in the middle of the bed bouncing all alone shrieking with glee (another favorite past time). <3 She is too much.

A video of her walking the other week, coming soon!

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