Thursday, December 27, 2012

Advent Fun!

 This year I decided to do some thing more intentional for advent...So the last week of November the girls and I (and their friends) made decorated these envelopes...One for every day of advent.
Aren't they fun??
 Each envelope had a slip of paper with an activity on them for the day (and some times a surprise like stickers!)
 On top of the activities we worked through our Advent Story Book, which each day told part of the Nativity story...
 As we worked through the stories we'd hang them in place of the evelopes..We weren't always perfect at keeping up each day- but it was still fun, and added a festive air to the month of December!

Going to hunt for a Christmas tree with Nana
Making a paper chain was one of our Advent Activities...The stars were another day!
The girls were very excited about St. Nicholas day and "played Santa" with their socks all the week before!
The real stockings!
Waiting to open their stockings on St. Nicholas Day...Pip didn't like the flash on the camera!

Pip really hated that flash!
Pip is sleeping on my arm, she conked out just like this!!
Another aspect that made December Interesting was that Pip got quite sick in the middle of it! She started running a fever of 102-104 for several days, ending in the lovely Roseola Rash...She was a miserable little goober..

She was OUT! This was Saturday morning...When we realized she might not be feeling so well..
 I spent pretty much 10 straight days like this:
 Even after she was feeling better she still wanted LOTS of snuggles...And so did Friendly.

All in all it was a lovely month that went way too fast!
But it was a Happy Advent!
All the books read and hung up, Christmas had arrived!

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