Sunday, September 9, 2012

ART and Amazingness

Busy Busy Busy! I have a lot to update...Probably not going to happen this weekend. *sigh*

Between the local Fair (a highlight of our year) camping at Uncle Shanes (Ryan's brother), and other exciting happenings: life has been BUSY!!!

But today, I wanted to document some fun exciting stuff...

Yesterday: Pip said "NO". Yes, at 7 months old! Ryan, Friendly, Pip and I were all laying on the Big Bed talking and playing...Friendly was getting a little too rough so Ryan pulled her to his side and held her. Pip crawled into my arms to hide (ha). Friendly started yelling "I want to go to MOMMY! I want MOMMY!! I want to go to her!!" Pip was watching all this with a concerned look on her face...Finally she got so agitated she screamed back "NOOOOO!!!!!!!" at Friendly!!! We all just stared at her. Seriously? You first "real" word? Wow.

She is amazing. Her words now (at 7months old): Hi/Hey, YAY (aaaay), NO, and MMMA! (mama), she waves hi/bye and signs milk, aaaand has started this half clap (she hits her hand on her other leg) and says "aaay" (yay). She is crawling, cruising, and pulling up on every thing. She also enjoys eating a good book and kissing baby dolls.

She is also quite silly. :0)

Friendly has recently started coloring really trying to stay in the lines...As with every thing she does she colors quickly and with extreme determination- little tongue peaking out the side of her mouth.
Here is a recent picture:
And Roo... just about 4.75 years old and her drawings amaze us! Proud Mama aside, we really think she has a gift!

Panda Family Sept 2012
Figure Skater (note the figure 8 on her shirt)
And that is all I Have time for... Soon: Nature Scavenger Hunts, The Fair, Camping Trip and more!

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