Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Days

I still want to catch up from the Holidays... I have so many pictures I want to get up here, to share.

But so little time...

A snowy day project: sock puppets! Friendly likes to put them on her hands and make them growl...butterflys growl, who knew?

The girls have been doing well! So thankful for the last few HEALTHY weeks we've been enjoying, praying it lasts for a good long time!

Playing "dress up" a favorite past time.

Friendly, apart from teething ferociously, is changing so fast it hurts to watch! She is a bundle of giggles and goofs. She now has 8 teeth and 2 molars, and working on more! She is picking up more and more words every day. Favorites are "I wan ma Mommie!" ,"I wan ma Nana" (she has a pretty extreme Nana obsession! :0), "I want a Nackie nack" (snackie snack?), "I wub ma Mommie", "I wan Melk" (I want milk), "poo poooooor baaaby." (in a high very dramatic voice while rocking her baby...Translation: "poor poor baby"), "melmo" is another fave, though she's not so much into Sesame Street- she'll ocassionally watch it with us but has yet to get into it the way Roo did (which is fine by me!). Friendly will try almost any word now- and it is shocking at how successful she often is with her attempts. She loves to say Roo's name with a cute little "w" sound instead of the "r".

[caption id="attachment_346" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="The "big gift" from us this year: a dress up trunk. tutus, pirate [foam"]swords, super hero capes, and lots of dresses and scarves- anyone have some old high heels? Or floppy hats? The girls would love them!"][/caption]

She's a very busy person and often up to some sort of mischief! True to being one she is all about discovering...EVERY THING. She copies Roo in almost every thing, even repeats sentences with the same inflection after her. She looks up to her big sister so much and wants to do every thing with her.

A gift from Grammie W (THANK YOU, R LOOVES this! And Friendly too!) Coloring is a definite favorite activity!

Roo running around on our "snowy day" in.

"The box" was a hit! Gingerbread house, santas sleigh, a boat and also a new surface to draw artwork on- boxes rock!

And Roo! Our sweet Roo is just growing up so much. We've gotten a lot of snow the past few weeks (not like 3 feet or any thing, but enough to have some fun!) and thanks to my sister (who got them snow suits and boots for Christmas!!) Roo has discovered the wonders of that cold white stuff, snow. She would seriously live outside if we let her. We've been taking lots of walks in the snow and pretty much every inch of snow in our yard and out is trampled.

a few snapshots from the past few days...

THis was after the first (measly) snow storm...Roo making a "snow bunny" aka snow angel.

Our trip today to our favorite park: the girls taking in the FROZEN pond... Roo kept asking when the "skating party" was going to begin (?)

Roo, as usual, ignoring the camera...Friendly hamming it up.

The Mallard braved the ice to come say hello to us. Friendly kept calling "Hi duck! Hi! Hey, Hi duck!" he wouldn't respond, much to her disappointment.

Roo finally facing the camera!!

Little Miss Independance tries really hard in the snow, but she just can't keep up...She prefers to hold hands!

And here, is how our fun time ended. Roo collapsed in the snow and declared she was too tired and was getting cold. Unfortunately she decided this a full foot ball fields length (also a hill!) from the parking lot. I had to drag both kids alllll the way back. And as bundled as they were this was no small task!

I don't remember every enjoying a January so much! It's been so lovely for the kids to be big enough to handle the cold temps for a while. To get some (cold) sunshine and fresh air. I realize some thing the other day while Roo was trying to make a snow camel (don't ask me where she got that! She decided she wanted a snow camel and I have a feeling by winters end, we'll have built one, this past storm the snow was too powdery!)...Anyway I was pondering on the cold powdery smell and sound of it. And I realized, I haven't had much to do with snow the past ten maybe even fifteen years! My only interaction with it has been the frustration of trying to dig out my car, of coming out to finding that I have to clear it away before I can go somewhere.. The occasional (pre-children) late night snowy walks with Ryan. Spending so much time out in the snow with the girls has brought back so many memories. We LIVED outside this time of year...And it has also made me realize I need to get some snow gear, brrr still thawing from our trip to the park today!

It's been a beautiful winter so far!

Embracing the snow this year.

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