Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years...Look Back

It's been an amazing year...These are some of our favorite pictures from 2010

Roo's first snow- ever! Well...First snow to play in!

Friendly's 6month Birthday...I was laughing because they were both freaking out, and all I wanted was a picture!

Last winter, such a LONG winter!


April trips to the Fish Hatchery- a favorite!

Mornings at T park, we love that place!

Roo's first tree...SHe wanted to climb it so bad. (at the rose garden)

Visiting my best friend in VA

Florida Trip! The Beach!

Florida Trip the relaxation??

The Fort we built on the front porch in June

My first 5k race in July (pictured with my Mom)

Friendly's Birthday August 2010... Coloring together

The sprinkler August 2010

Trip to Valley Forge, September 2010

New friends this year... What a blessing!

A date out...Good friends wedding October 16, 2010

Saturday (or in this case Sunday) family dates to Wegman's for "donut breakfasts"

Decorating their pumpkins
December 2010

Our Christmas Tree Hung....On the Tractor ridetogether...Walks in the freezing cold...

Christmas Eve Morning...

[caption id="attachment_311" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="sitting on the "green box" outside the house I grew up in. It was "base" for all the games we played growing up!"][/caption]

Our 5th Anniversary....To another year of wonderful Memories!!

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