Saturday, October 18, 2014

Goodness Gracious- Time is flying!!!

So much transition, so little time. The 2014-2015 school year started off and with it lots of new things! I began watching our next door neighbor friend, age 2- she is almost exactly a month younger than Pip and she spends the days with us Monday through Friday 7:30-4. It sure keeps the days busier, and we have all been enjoying having her spend the days with us.

This school year Roo is in 1st grade, her favorite subject is probably hand writing and science. she loves the PBS show Wild Kratts and she is learning so much! She is also doing Math U See 1st grade math and Spelling You See for her spelling work. We are studying ancient Egypt and reading through the book of Matthew right now.

Friendly is is Kimdergarten and she is enjoying ...playing, art, writing books, and Curious George. We are doing a very laid back kindergarten year for her, focusing on 0-100 and A-Z letter sounds. She is also working with Spelling You See Listen and Write and Math U See  curriculum.

Pip is in preschool and has learned (yes, age 2) how to write her name and can draw adorable little potato people. She knows most letter sounds and is always asking what letters she sees or writes spell. "E-L-M-O- Elemo!" Or "R-O-K-U what dat spell Mommy?" (We have a Roku box to stream TV shows from the Internet.) She loves to be read to and she is very interested in all things school. It has been so interesting to have such an academic driven little learner. Roo and Friendly are bright and willing, but very artistic leaning and all about imagination and adventure related curriculum. Pip seems to just like knowing things. She is working through our phonics curriculum and starting to understand letter blending, I don't think it will be too long before she starts to read...but then again, maybe she will stick here for a few years. She sure enjoys trying though and there is no rush!

We have been very busy and I don't have a great computer that allows me to blog. Typing in the tablet is really inconvenient and hard to work on. The quest for a small lap top for me is in the works, in time. The kids are doing great, growing in leaps and bounds. The older two have started weekly dance classes and they are enjoying them so much! They will be involved in the Christmas performance the first weekend in December, I will be sending out an email with the dates/times for any local (or not) who might be interested in seeing the performances (and you will have plenty to choose from as there will be 5 performances.)
If you would like more information shoot me a message.

I think that is it. I will be updating a page with 2014 Christmas Wish List ideas and clothing sizes for relatives interested. :)

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