Monday, January 20, 2014

She's Almost 2

We're in the last week of having a one year old in our family. It's hard to say if we'll ever have another one year old around here. I am soaking it up.

it's fun having an almost 2year old what other time do you have some one exuberantly bursting into a room shouting, "TaDaaaaa!" with their arms flung wide, and a giant cheesy grin shining on their sweet face?
At what other time do you hear some one running down the hall humming "mmmmmmmm" because they are winding up to plant a giant "maaaaaaa!" on your face.
At what other time do you have some one demand "han!!!" at the top  iof the stairs as they slip their chubby dimpled hand onto yours and trustingly follow you down the stairs.
At what other time do you wake up to some one so excited to greet the day and find their sisters?
At what other times do you have some one make "MINE!!!" look so stinken cute?

It is the sweetest and the best age.

I am hitting the point where the blur of the last few years is dissipating...I can so clearly see how fast the kids are growing and feeling all mushy and sad that the older two have grown so big. It isn't just that they were so little... I am seeing pictures from that time and I am still close enough to remember how awful it was by turns (transitions, teething, hard stages and grown up stresses) but now starting to catch a glimpse of what all the grandma's at the grocery store tell me "enjoy it, it goes by so fast". And I am glad I took so many pictures of the sweet moments... And glad I know a taste of that bittersweet joy that is this season in parenting: long days short years. Again, in a few years I will remember when they were 6, 4, and 2 and think "oh they were so little! That was such a sweet time." And it will be true too.
 The last few months have been so busy and fun and I feel like we're entering the "golden years" of this season of parenting these kids. The time where we look back and get a little misty about what a beautiful season it was. I don't know what form our family will change shape into in the next few years...I am absolutely in love with our three precious girls and being a family of 5...But I know there are others out there who need us all, who belong with us, and I know when they come and find us we're going to stretch and grow and love it too.

But for now, at what other time can we say, He is so GOOD?


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