Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Move...

We are officially out of our apartment as of October 27th. That day we took the girls over to take some time to play there and say goodbye.

Roo had a really hard time with the whole thing. She was very sad and cried quite a bit. It was hard to see her grieve and process all the changes...
 We have so many happy memories of our 2.5 years there...Some favorite (in no particular order...)

It feels so good to be moving into this new season of our lives. But since the transition was so spread out (over about 2 months) we wanted to give the girls an intentional time to say goodbye:

One last sit on the picnic table before it was moved

Maybe a bit of sunbathing too...

It worked out that our neighbor T was home, Roo was SOO excited to have a chance to say goodbye to him.

One last chase around the back yard with Daddy

Sorry it's crooked...But I was there too...

Roo was SO happy to have gotten to play with Roo
 At the very end of our time there, with just a few things left to take down to the van, we stood in a circle and held hands and shared our favorite memories of our years at Liberty Lane. Roo remembered when Pip was born, Friendly remembered building forts...We took a minute to pray and thank Jesus for the wonderful growing season there. It was a good streeeetching time.
And then we snapped this picture- and went out to eat at Wegman's ...Cookies and Juice were enjoyed by all!

Goodbye Liberty Lane...Hello new home...Pics to come of us all mooved in soon. The renovation to the back upstairs bedroom is going awesome. Laundry room is pretty much done.....Paint and flooring happen tomorrow- and Mom moves into her new room this weekend- yipee!

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