Saturday, October 26, 2013

Busy busy busy!!!

I just wanted to check in. The past 6 weeks have been insanely busy!!! School has been going so well! Roo is making leaps and bounds in school. And Friendly is LOVING it. She just seems to thrive on all the intellectual stimulation. She eats up busy work. She can now write her name (middle too!) neatly and she is starting to copy other words too. Math is also a favorite subject.

Her Block City
I am LOVING home schooling. LOVING it. It fills our days with intention and I'm thoroughly enjoying our  curriculum and lessons. We're on our last Unit in our Kindergarten science book and moving along to the first grade next week.

Pip in her kitchen, she looves to cook when we cook. 

20 month old Pip- I can't believe how fast she is growing. 
Pip is doing well in speech! She has picked up the "ga" sound and is really trying harder to talk and communicate. :)
Pip waking up from a nap - this kitchen table has been amazing! 

Family: We're moving! Actually we moved out of our apartment back in August. The attic bedroom (HUGE) and our family room were done and it just seemed like the simplest time to start the transition. So we've been slowly moving every thing over here and it's been really nice. This weekend is the last push before we have to have every thing out! We're getting close.

It is kind of bad timing in that the new renovation/construction on the second floor is underway and this coming week is when all the fixtures go in and we have all our stuff piled in the living room because the basement has to be clear for the plumber to do his hook up and that's our storage room and yeah... Lots of upheaval and mess. But it's also been kind of fun because it's the first move I've actually mindfully packed stuff up and it's pretty neat and tidy all things considered.

I am so excited for this time next month when every thing should be in it's place...The girls new bedroom should be done...Mom's new bedroom/bathroom should be complete and the laundry room on the second floor should be up and running.

October has been good...

Annual pumpkin part at a friends house

Our new patio is almost complete!
Picture by Shane (Ryan's brother)

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