Sunday, February 3, 2013


I was reflecting on how much the girls are growing and changing...How I can almost see that "light at the end of the tunnel" everyone talks about when you're in the thick of babies and toddlers and all the work that goes into simple things like...keeping them alive.

I was thinking about how much easier some thing have become, and how much harder other things are. How I am catching glimpses of the big kids they will all too soon become. How fast and busy the days are and how time flies.

I was reflecting on how much we've grown as parents, what each child teaches us about ourselves and how wonderful it is to be growing a long with our kids.

I was reflecting on the sweetness of a 1 year old. How wonderful this this new stage of the walking, and the trying new words. Of watching new "bad" behaviors that would have worried me with Roo, but now make me giggle because I know she is cute...And she will learn and grow. How incredible life must be through her eyes, the awe and curiosity in a cup of water is to her or two bowls that nest together.

It has been so amazing to see a new depth of determination come out in her. To see the set in her brow as she sees some thing and intends to *do* it.

Some times the "doing" ends with screaming and disappointment when she is stopped- especially if it is her sisters telling her "no" (heaven forbid!). Or the hilarious moment when she realizes she is going to be stopped and tries to do whatever she is doing faster in her clumsy and frenzied way. Some times making a nervous sound, some times laughing with glee as she races away. 

She was such a a peaceful and wise little newborn..Early on we saw her determination to catch up with her sisters. And her silly personality- we laugh and laugh as she (seriously!) cracks jokes. We are amazed at her skills and all the new things she tries to do! It has always been so interesting to see how our babies change and grow...But this third time has brought more perspective.

And today, some reflections...I was remembering Roo...Tiny littleRoo..
Roo 7mos

She was a fussy and intense baby...But she grew to be a pretty laid back and compliant toddler,  her sweet light spirit, always with a project or an idea...I mean, apart from a lot of whining with molars coming in (just keeping it real) she was happy and genuinely desired to please.
Roo working on a project...
Spring 2011

And physically! So agile and determined to learn new things. From learning to draw the best little faces and people she could at age 2, mastering the monkey bars and hula hoop at age 3, to learning to ride a two wheeler at age 4. She always has some thing she is trying to conquer! She is athletic, artistic, and loves to learn new things and push herself physically.  Her determination has since come out more in her personality and she can hold her own when she wants some thing!
It has been amazing to watch her grow and see the pride she feels in each new accomplishment. 
She was Friendly's age here- crazy!!

Friendly, ooh sweet friendly... Her birth should have been our first clue, she was going to do things on her time table- but when she dove in WATCH OUT!
Friendly 13mos

Spring 2012

Friendly struggled well into toddler hood with fussines and belly pain (until we changed her diet). How she has blossomed since we made those changes!!! The preschooler she has become has been delightful! But toddlerhood, wow- shocker!!!
October 2012

After our "ready to please...Take it as we go" Roo Girl, Friendly's determination to do things her way, to do, do, DO and go, go, GO. Her ferocious desire to connect and be with us, and her ability to command attention and get stuff done was a bit of an adjustment! She has taught us a lot...And made us laugh! We've enjoyed her colorful (and wacky) outfit selections. Her silly ideas, and her sweet little songs and stories. It has been incredible to see her change and grow. It has been really fun the last few weeks to see her  new love to snuggle up with a stack of books and "read" to Pip, or to draw us beautiful pictures   and to hear her adorable songs...
Feb 2013
"I like to travel on the sea...I don't have any places I would like to be... So I don't like to travel under the sea...Because I always travel every travel. Oh I like to travel where the lions roar...I like to do all those things! I like to travel l with you. I will traaaaavel with youuuuuu... I really like to do any thing..." (from last Thursday)
It has been so incredible to watch them grow. 
October 2010
September 2011

March 2012

Feb 2013

And to spend our days together, watching them learn and play.

by Roo
 It's been an honor...And a JOY...

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