Sunday, November 11, 2012

Around Home...OCTOBER!

Friendly's Hair is long enough for a French Braid

Roo's was a little frizzy that day...

PIP was SOOO happy to be wearing undies like her sissies...She had a diaper rash so we let her crawl around in the underwear for over an hour- she had a blast!

Chubby chunkers LOOOVE it.

Her New thing: blinking when the pre-flash goes off.

Home School Time...Learning to read!

Explode the Code

Eve of her 9 mos Birthday- I came into the living room and said, "who put the baby on the rocking chair?!?" (the girls some times put the baby on the couch)

"She did it herself!!!" She has been climbing stairs since about 6 mos - I guess she figured this was just like an extra big one!

How big is Pip? SOOOO big!

We have been making a lot of blanket forts this Autumn

Pip snuggless on me like this for at least 10 minutes every time she wakes up from a nap...Friendly dive bombed the picture.

Banners: a big past time! The girls looove BIG pieces of paper and filling it up! Pip likes to chew on the crayons. Though she does try to color too now! A video of her drawing with chalk to come soon!

This kid!!! She loves to crawl into tiny spaces and squeeze out, or hide. I am forever asking "Where did Piper go!?" Only to find her laying under the table or squeezed into a random corner.

This apple slice was given to her- though she some times finds old bread crusts to eat too. Blegh! Plight of the 3rd Child.

before her teeth were all the way in.

Playing baby.

It is so fun to see them grow together and interact and for Pip to join the fun more and more!

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